Misunderstanding worsens the relationship, no apologies to Aindrila, regrets Jay


Misunderstanding worsens the relationship, no apologies to Aindrila, regrets Jay

bangladeshi the pulpit: It’s been three days, Tolipara Aindrila Sharma (Aindrila Sharma). Last Sunday afternoon, he finished all fights and moved on to the Land of Eternal Sleep. The Tolipara stars prayed together for Aindrila’s speedy recovery. But all prayers have failed. Actor Joy Mukherjee also prayed for Aindrila to forget the old bitterness.

Joy and Aindrila had a controversy while starring in “Jionkathi” series. Both were in lead roles serial. At that time, there were allegations that he abused Aindrila. Joy had to be stopped. Although the actor claims, it was all due to a misunderstanding. Joy wished Aindrila recovery after hearing the news of Aindrila’s illness.

On Sunday, Aindrila broke all ties and turned a blind eye forever. Joy couldn’t believe it after hearing the news. The actor told a media outlet that Aindrila was much younger than him, like a sister. There was a misunderstanding that Joy didn’t want to remember the incident. But now he feels guilty.

Joy said she was reading the script while filming a scene. On the other side, Aindrila was talking on the phone. Joy screamed as she was distracted. Things go wrong. The actor left the show after working together for 100 episodes.

Joy said, they had a lot of good times together. But the incident that day soured the relationship. He said of Aindrila that she had a very positive attitude. He was shooting for fun. Even now, Joy might have argued. If only Aindrila would come back to fight.

Aindrila suffered a lot. But like everyone else, Joy thought he would come back this time too. Joy was unable to visit Aindrila for the last time as she was not in Kolkata. An apology did not take place. This will remain her eternal regret, Joy expressed her disappointment.

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