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Mithila has opened her mouth to the family breakup rumors

Mithila has opened her mouth to the family breakup rumors

Mithila has opened her mouth to the family breakup rumors

Rafiyat Rashid Mithila is a famous two Bengali actress. Married Kolkata-based producer Sreejit Mukherjee in 2019. After marriage, their married life was going well.

Mithila-Srijit was busy with work and personal life. In the meantime, their marital discord suddenly surfaced. Rumors of Mithila’s family breakup swirled through the air.

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The buzz, however, started from Srijit-Mithila’s social media. From their two positions. Srijit posted a message on his Instagram. It has an image of a dead tree in an empty space. The caption reads the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s ‘Farewell Angelina’ – “There’s no need for anger, there’s no need for blame.”

In this, doubts arose around the post of Mithila. Mithila posted on Instagram, ‘How do you know love is real? How do you know if it’s right? How far do you travel to find an answer, before you know it’s not there?

So the speculation begins. Mithila opened her mouth despite her silence about it. He told the Indian media what he thought.

In an interview with Anandabazar, Mithila said she was busy with office work for a few days. He received many messages and calls regarding the family breakdown. The actress is also upset.

In the words of Mithila, ‘This is a photo from one of my photo shoots, I thought it would be nice to write. Other than that, the Bob Dylan song that Sreejit gave is one of Sreejit’s and me’s favorite.

We know that Sreejith is filming in Mumbai. Dispelling the rumours, Mithila said, “This year has passed between him and me. When I come to Kolkata, the house seems very empty except for Srijit. So I don’t have time to listen to these words.

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