Mithila in Telangana for ‘Maya’

Mithila in Telangana for ‘Maya’

Mithila in Telangana for 'Maya'Rafiyad Rasheed Mithila

Rafiyad Rashid Mithila regularly works in movies and web series from Kolkata, India. He is going to make his debut in Kolkata with the movie ‘Maya’.

Although the film has been in post-production for a long time, the film is finally going to be released. Based on “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, the film is produced by Rajarshi Dey. Actress Mithila said the movie will be released in 2023.

The star recently said as much in a video post on her Instagram handle. He said the film will participate in the Telangana Bengali Film Festival before its release.

Mithila said the fifth Telangana Bengali Film Festival has started in Hyderabad. The film ‘Maya: The Alter Ego’ will be screened there on Saturday December 10 during the three days of the festival.

He is in Hyderabad to attend the festival. Maya is with him. He is waiting to sit down and watch the movie with the audience.

A minority of women have been known to turn around after being raped, encouraging women to break the chains of patriarchy – all of this is revealed in the film. Mithila played the lead role in the movie ‘Maya: Alter Ego’.

Bangladesh time: 3:30 p.m., December 10, 2022

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