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Mitu will become a cricketer, the good news fell on the first day of the year

Mitu will become a cricketer, the good news fell on the first day of the year

At the very end of last year, Zahara Mitu made her acting debut with veteran producer Kazi Hayat’s film. And on the first day of the new year, this heroine hits the headlines with a new film.

It is known that Mitu has signed a new film called “Jersey Number 16”. The shooting of the film takes place at the beginning of February.

According to sources, the film revolves around a father-daughter story. It is the story of a girl from Ajparagaon who becomes a cricketer. The story of the girl’s struggle to become a cricketer and her father’s sacrifice will emerge there. The film will be produced by Muhammad Tarek Hasan. Screenplay by Shajahan Surav.

Zahara Mitu is known as a presenter of cricket-related programs. That Mitu is currently shooting a cricket movie. The heroine’s question when she was contacted by Mitu about the film? How did you discover this film? That will tell of the production house!

Later, Mitu said, “This is the seventh film signed in my career. It is the story of a girl from an isolated village who becomes a cricketer. At one time, I regularly presented cricket programs. Now I am involved in such a film about the history of cricket, so I have a different love for the film.

It is known that Abu Hurayna Tanveer will act alongside Mitu in the film. This is Deepta’s original movie. The “No 16” jersey will be visible on the OTT Deepta Play platform.

Meanwhile, ‘Agun’ featuring Mitu alongside Shakib Khan is awaiting release. The actor has also completed a film called “Shakra” with Bappi. The actress said that this film will also be released in the new year.

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