Mobile phone production has declined in the country, illegal sales have increased


Mobile phone production has declined in the country, illegal sales have increased

The price of mobile phones in the country has increased due to the rise in the price of the dollar, the increase in fuel prices, the increase in ship tariffs, inflation and the imposition of VAT ( value added tax) at three levels. As a result, the demand has also decreased. Manufacturers have been forced to reduce mobile production. Imports also fell. As a result, there has not been a new mobile phone on the market for a long time. Meanwhile, the sale of technology products in the market has also collapsed. Sales are down nearly 40%.

However, the sale of mobiles on the gray market (illegal market) has dropped to zero. The sale of illegal mobiles in the gray market has increased from 5% to 25-30% because the mobiles are available at low prices in this market. This has increased the anxiety and concern of local industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Asked about this, the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association (BMPIA), Zakaria Shahid, said: “Many entrepreneurs have reduced their production due to the increase in the price of mobile phones and the decline in demand. We have also reduced (Symphony brand). There’s no way. Because, must survive in the market.’

He said the sale of mobile phones in the market has decreased by 20-30%. We discounted profits to keep the market, trying to keep the market by undertaking many kinds of market promotion activities (discounts, gifts, installment sales, etc.). But I can’t completely succeed. Despite all these initiatives, the price per mobile has increased by around 20 to 30%.

Asked about the mobile phone market, Sakib Arafat, managing director of Motorola’s national mobile phone partner in the country, Selextra Limited, said: “The market situation is very bad. Sales have declined, mobile prices have increased. Many reasons are responsible for this. The sale of illegal cell phones on the gray market has increased in the country. Thanks to a government initiative, the sale of cell phones on the gray market had fallen to zero percent. Now it has grown a lot. This is also a reason behind the decline in the sale of cell phones in official or legitimate channels. He drew the attention of relevant authorities and said, “Any positive initiative must be taken to reduce gray market violence. Then the real mobile market will survive.

According to research, gray market businessmen are very active on Facebook with iPhone-14. Many have started taking advance reservations. Customers are advised to pre-book from many Facebook pages before the iPhone-14 arrives in legitimate channels (listed resellers of Apple products) in the country. Some also mentioned iPhone-14 deliveries since September 16 afternoon. Market people say gray market traders pay the price by sending money out of the country via hundi. As a result, the money is laundered in this way. In addition to ruining the main market, they cause damage to the state by smuggling the country’s money.

Sales of tech products fell 40%

Sales of technology products have collapsed in the market. Due to the decline in mobile phone sales, the price of technology products has fallen. Added to these factors is the imposition of a 15% VAT on the importation of laptop computers. The increase in the dollar and the imposition of VAT have increased the price of laptops. Smart Technologies Limited, the country’s largest importer of technology products, said prices for other products were also high.

Mujahid Al Beruni Sujan, Sales Director of the company, said: “Sales in the technology market have declined by 40% in recent days. Due to the increase in the price of goods, many people cannot afford it. As a result, there are fewer buyers in the market.

He said the price of laptops has increased the most. He thinks that if this continues, it will be difficult for big companies to survive in the market.

According to several related sources, the layoffs have started at technology product companies. Businesses cannot survive by doing business. However, for these reasons, the employee is terminated on the basis of his performance. In terms of retail sales, business sales, related product inventory, previous day performance, etc., layoffs are said to be underway.

Source: Bangla Tribune

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