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Mom’s experience in Hollywood movies!

Mom’s experience in Hollywood movies!

Zakia Bari Mam has appeared on screen in various guises for story and character purposes. Whether it was a movie or a drama, he gave dialogues according to the needs of the characters and poured emotions into these dialogues. This is how he has led his career for almost a year and a half.

But recently, Mamar had a completely different experience. He worked as a dubbing artist for the first time in his life. Mom performed the role of Alice in the Bengali dubbed version of the popular Hollywood horror movie “Resident Evil”.

Mom is delighted with this new experience. He said: ‘Life’s first professional dub! I already dubbed my own character. But it was difficult for me to double another character, like him, to capture his emotions, to understand his eyes, his body language.

Mumm said she portrayed the character in such a way that at one point she thought she was Alice herself. The actress commented, “There was a time when I could guess what Alice would do now without listening to the dialogue. As soon as I could deliver the dialogue guessing Alice’s next step while keeping her in mind (recording in progress), I realized this – I am Alice.

Since Bengali dubbing is being installed in English films, mum said she has done her best to make it sound like more than just subtitles. According to him, “We have progressed by holding each dialogue. I also improvised outside of the script. I made many corrections. Because the public must not have the impression of watching a subtitled film. On the contrary, after watching the film in their native language, Bengali, my director and I carefully worked out of the box so that they had maximum understanding.

Zakia Bari Mm Khalid Hasan Avi is known to be directing the Bengali dubbed version of “Resident Evil”. It will soon be released on the OTT Bioscope platform.

Note that the first film in the ‘Resident Evil’ series was released on March 15, 2002. It was built by Paul WS Anderson. American actress Milla Jovovich played Alice in the film. Mom voiced her character.

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