Mona Lisa and Pawan Singh are on their honeymoon, impressed with the bedroom scene


Mona Lisa and Pawan Singh are on their honeymoon, impressed with the bedroom scene

Recently, a Bhojpuri song has gone viral in the net world. This song features a popular duo from the Bhojpuri film industry. Mona Lisa and Pawan Singh were seen in the viral song. Akshara Singh was also seen. Monalisa and Pawan Singh Enara are one of the two leading stars in the Bhojpuri industry. Akshara Singh is also one of the popular actresses. Needless to say, Pawan Singh and Monalisa’s romance in the video is spreading the heat. Recently, this video was shared on the social media page by a popular Bhojpuri YouTube channel, which currently has lakh views.

Monalisa and Akshara Singh are two beautiful actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry. Monalisa was recently seen romancing Pawan Singh to the tune of popular Bhojpuri song “Diya Gul Kare”. They were seen in Makho Makho’s scene with each other inside the house. And in this scene, Akshara Singh was seen behind the scenes. According to the viral song scene, Pawan Singh was seen romancing both Mona Lisa and Akshara. Everything will be clear after watching the video of the whole song.

This Bhojpuri song video was shared four years ago by the popular Bhojpuri YouTube channel “Web Music”. Currently, it has reached about 62 lakh people. Note that the video for the song which went viral is a song from the popular Bhojpuri movie ‘Pawan Raja’. The song is sung by Khod Pawan Singh and Indu Sonali. The lyrics are given by Manoj Matlabi. Avneesh Jhan composed the song. Currently, these three stars of the Bhojpuri film industry are in the spotlight based on the video of their hit song from four years ago.

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