Monami Gosh | Monami Ghosh sings a song from the movie Zeher sitting on a dgtl swing

Monami Gosh | Monami Ghosh sings a song from the movie Zeher sitting on a dgtl swing

Manami Ghosh swings on the swing. Wear a tank top, hot jeans pants. Her black necklace medallion sleeps comfortably on her chest. The actress kept the camera on. Visible background atmosphere of Duluni Tale Tale. He went for a walk in a mountain valley. More tourists are seen dimly in the seating area.


As it is winter in Bengal, you might be surprised by the bride’s clothes. However, the video was not taken in this country. Visible glimpses of nature and people are telling, the actress is enjoying the summer in another country. Work is progressing in a short time. The gentle morning sun glides over her skin.

Manami sings in the sun. Very famous song. Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami’s star song ‘Zeher’ (2005) was once a household name. It can be said that the audience remembers exactly the scene of this song. Imran leans against the wall and kisses Udita. Then he walked away, as if angry. Udita is busy coming back and breaking hero standards. Suddenly this ‘agar tum mil jao’ on Manami’s lips. The actress lip-synchs to the song while swinging on the swing. He posted the video on Instagram. With witty captions. Wrote: “When you hear one thing and see another sight…use the brain.”

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Netizens have different reactions after seeing the video. Someone saw Manami in a small house and commented, “She looks needy, she has no money to buy clothes.” Others are mesmerized by the 40-year-old actress’s flawless charm.


The actress filled fans with nostalgic love with provocative songs. Fans are mesmerized by their ‘Tapatini Girl’.

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