‘Month’s Horses’ artist sings with Rails Tube and appeals for donations for Tapas Das, who has cancer

‘Month’s Horses’ artist sings with Rails Tube and appeals for donations for Tapas Das, who has cancer

Bangladeshi office: Mohiner Ghoraguli can be called the father of Bengali bands. A few musicians have come together to open up a new facet of music to the public. The group is still relevant after all these decades. But recently, some bad news broke the hearts of Horse of the Month fans. Tapas Das Bapi, the sole founder of the group, is seriously ill.

Tapas Das Bapi with incurable cancer. The veteran artist is 68 years old. He underwent four cycles of chemotherapy. But recently, it is reported that his physical condition has deteriorated. The artist’s wife said that for three months he had been on a completely liquid diet. The tube of the rails must always be attached.

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His wife also said that Tapas Das will be treated by a pulmonologist for the time being. According to the Tata Medical Center, the artist’s physical condition is not suitable for radiation therapy. So, after a few days, radiation therapy will begin. The musicians are at stage three of the cancer.

Tapas Das Bapi did not succumb to the disease. Rather, it plays music using the Rails tube. Recently, he was seen singing in a wheelchair in this condition at the Bengali Music Festival. Music lovers appreciate the tenacity and indomitable vitality of the veteran musician.

In addition, the collection of donations for the treatment of Tapas Das Bapi has also started on social networks. Cancer treatment is not cheap. He had to be admitted to the hospital for chemo every 21 days. Her fans decided to stand with the artist’s family for treatment. A call for donations has already been launched on social networks. The artist’s wife is happy with this initiative. He expressed his gratitude.

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