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“Most attractive but we were” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

“Most attractive but we were” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Actress Moon Moon. Photo: Collected

Actress Munmun is one of the actresses who shook the Dhakai cinema screen. In 1997, his journey begins in Rupali Bhuvan through the film ‘Moumachi’ by the talented director Ehtesham. He acted in about 85 films during his long career. He also teamed up with Shakib Khan. Due to various controversies, Munmun walked away from the film. Finally, after the hiatus, it returns to mainstream cinema next month.

The actress will be seen in a different guise in Mizanur director Rahman Mizan’s ‘Raagi’. About movies and stuff Every day our time is onlineMunmun spoke.

Even between breaks, you’ve been seen in a few movies. However, he worked in mainstream films after a long time. How do you feel

First of all, thank you for leaning on me. The few films I’ve worked on have all been on demand. And my character had been there for a very short time. So it’s better not to talk about it. You can say that a journey to the new moon begins with ‘Raagi’. And the public will see me in a completely different persona. Director Mizanur Rahman Mizan and the film crew were very sincere, so I was very happy to do the job. And in this film, several popular artists acted by combining the old and the new. Overall, the job went pretty well.

Coming in a different form in ‘Raagi’. How is the form, terrible?

What do you say you saw the poster is terrible! It’s awful. In fact, here, I played the role of the villain. He really is a very bad person. The character is such that people will hate me and abuse me. And after seeing the movie, it’s my selfishness to abuse it. You will see the rest.

You say, if the public abuses the film, it’s in your interest. There are already a lot of negative comments about you in the industry. What will happen if it is added there again?

Look, there will be discussions and reviews about the artists. And we talk about my past, but I’m not like that. Many have associated me with a dark chapter in history. I’m Moonmoon but I’ve never been like that. As a producer wants, I acted like that. I was an action hero. And I always tried to give the maximum performance. At one time, I was the most attractive of artists. And because of that, I got more calls to action. But I wasn’t involved in any bad work or addiction outside of acting. But no one can tell. I have always lived with honor.

Yet the past does not leave people behind…

OK, but life doesn’t continue to cling to the past. I’ve always tried to stay above home controversy. When I was far from acting, did any bad news come out of me? If I was a bad person, you would write bad things about me in the newspaper. Either way, I want to take the new path.

Sometimes you had a lot of anger against the industry. How is it reduced?

Who am I going to be angry with, everyone is yours. The shame was that our former artists are no longer called upon to play. But it still exists. You see, many once popular stars are now under house arrest. Nobody knows them. I think producers, makers, artists of this generation should think about these things. Now the movie is playing. So let’s keep that in mind.

What are you busy with?

Nothing to report at this time. Now the only thing to do is “get angry”. And waits for him. I hope the audience will like the film.

How is the personal life?

Things are going well. I am busy with home and family. And keep the words of personal life to yourself, I’ll tell you another time.

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