Mother lost in childhood, father left before college! Pallavi passed the exam by eating Havishya

Mother lost in childhood, father left before college! Pallavi passed the exam by eating Havishya

Bangladeshi office: Popular Bengali TV actress Pallavi Sharma (Pallavi Sharma). He has only worked in a few soap operas so far. But it’s hard to find a viewer who doesn’t know Pallavi despite being a lover of the show. Basically, the public knows him more as “Jaba”. Pallavi reached the peak of his popularity thanks to this role in the series “Ke Apan Ke Par”.

His step into acting must have been earlier. Pallaveer started playing in 2012 while still studying. His first soap opera was called “Nader Nimai”. In a recent media interview, Pallavi said his PC is associated with the acting world. I went with him to an event. One of the directors liked to see Pallavi there. I had a chance in the first series.

Pallavi Sharma

Childhood was not easy for Pallavi. He lost his mother when he was studying in class two-three. The actress’ mother had a brain tumor. Father, grandfather were busy with commercial work. Most of the time I had to go out. This PCE created Pallavi.

After the first series ended in 2013 during Madhyamik Deva, disaster struck Pallavi’s life for the second time. He lost his father just before the exam. Pallavi told the media that during the first big test in life, fathers of all classmates used to watch mothers take care of their children and feed them. And he used to go for the exam at that time.

Loneliness has repeatedly returned to Pallavi’s life since childhood. He bought his own apartment after gaining great fame as Joba. The person who created the PC also died years ago. Love also came into Pallaveer’s life. But he didn’t even find peace there. The man realized the mistake and walked away.

Now Pallaveer’s family is alone. Parents still miss their parents. In the series, Parna, the daughter of a nuclear family, is married for love into a common family. But in reality, Pallavi wants some peace and someone in whom she can see the shadow of her father.

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