Motorola to launch Moto X40, specs listed: Check details


Motorola to launch Moto X40, specs listed: Check details

Motorola Moto X40: The popular mobile phone company Motorola is going to launch a new phone very soon. According to the reports, the famous mobile company Motorola is going to launch its new Moto X40 phone. It is reported that the Moto X40 phone could be launched later this year. Reportedly, the Moto X40 phone may launch in China first. After that, Motorola company can launch this high-end phone in different countries including India. Meanwhile, Chen Jin, General Manager of Mobile Business Group, asked his subscribers on Bibo, what do they want from this phone? As a result, user excitement has increased a lot.

Motorola has dropped the Edge brand from its phones in China. As a result, their next flagship phone will be launched as Moto X40. But no specific date has yet been announced for the launch of the phone. But, according to the report, it is known that this new phone could be launched by the end of this very year. The Moto X40 phone may be powered by Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor.

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Moto X40 phone will be launched very soon in India –

According to reports, Motorola is working on the phone with model number XT2301-5. This phone was spotted on the 3C certification platform a few days ago. The phone could launch in China later this year as the Moto X40. But this phone will not be exclusive to China. Motorola is going to launch the Moto X40 phone in various countries including India. But according to reports, the name of this phone may be different in different countries. Motorola might launch its new phone as Moto X40 in India and Moto Edge 40 Pro in other countries.

Possible Moto X40 Features –

68W fast charging support can be used in this phone. This phone can be used with a 165Hz OLED panel. This phone can use up to 12GB of RAM. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor can be used in this phone. A 60 megapixel main camera and a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera can be used on the back of this phone. Additionally, this phone can be used with a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. Although nothing is known about the selfie camera of this phone so far.

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