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Moushumi in new responsibilities – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Moushumi in new responsibilities – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Priyadarshani Moushumi has become the general secretary of the “Bangladesh Cine Star Forum”, an organization of movie stars. He was given this responsibility in the organization’s sixth year. Yesterday, Saturday at 10 a.m., a town hall meeting was organized in the Zahir Raihan projection room of the FDC to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the forum. It was chaired by Shafi Vikrampuri, the forum’s president.

The forum’s founding general secretary, Ilyas Kanchan, is reported to have resigned from the organization after contesting the Shilpi Samiti elections. Then veteran filmmaker Kazi Hayat was given the role of “responsible”. Recently, when he was also interested in the election of the chairman of the board, Moushumi asked to be excused from the forum and was elected to this position.

During the meeting, when Kazi Hayat Forum was proposed to be integrated into the limited company, all present supported it. Apart from this, he also proposed to reduce the period of incorporation of the organization. At this point, Ilyas Kanchan in his speech sought the cooperation of producer and actor Monowar Hossain Dipzal, producer-actor and showman Nadir Khan to move the forum forward.

Abu Musa Debu, Delwar Jahan Jhantu, Saidur Rahman Saeed, Suchanda, Chandana, Anjana, Bapparaj, Awkat Hossain, Hafizuddin, Dewan Nazrul, Badal Khandkar and other film industry dignitaries attended the meeting.

Cine Star Forum released a commemoration that day. Various issues, including the general activities of the organization, have been highlighted. Apart from that, there is also a photo album of their activities in this memorial.

New Secretary General Moushumi said, “I have been monitoring the activities of this forum for a long time. I really like. Me and Omar Sani got forum membership this time. I’m really grateful to be with these elite people.

He also said, “This forum is not just a place for old people to talk, but it’s all about beautiful conversations. I heard it, I liked it a lot. There are successful businessmen here, they signed their success from their respective places. It was great to be around these people. We who are filmmakers can only move this forum forward through our work.

Shafi Vikrampuri, chairman of the forum, said that on January 23, 2016, on the occasion of Nayakraj Razzak’s 75th birthday, he offered to host a discussion on past and present issues in cinema. Cine Star Forum was formed as a result of his suggestion.

Shafi Vikrampuri also stated that the purpose of this organization was to include all directors, producers, musical directors and artist-craftsmen who are alive in the first 25 years of film from 1956 to 1980.

Shafi Vikrampuri said: “We have already lost many people including hero Raj Razzak, singer Abdul Jabbar, singer Shammi Akhtar, actor Siraj Haider. That’s why we want to honor some legends next March. If we honor today, if I am not present tomorrow, Anujras will honor me, we want to start such a practice through this organization.

Khurshid Alam, Anupam Hayat, Reena Khan, Deepjol, Omar Sani, Anwar Siraji, Nipun, Simon Sadiq, Reza Hasmat, Ghazi Mahbub among others were present at the event.

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