Moved to Mumbai at the age of 17, the famous musical director made a bad proposal! Ujjayini shared the experience


Moved to Mumbai at the age of 17, the famous musical director made a bad proposal! Ujjayini shared the experience

bangladeshi the pulpit: Casting Couch is often heard in the entertainment industry. Basically, Bollywood is guilty of this fault. Many actors and actresses have come out against famous directors and producers. But the theater industry alone should not be blamed. There are a lot of dark sides in the world of music that sometimes come out and sometimes stay hidden.

Musician Ujjaini Mukherjee is the victim of a casting in the music world. He had a terrible experience building his career in Mumbai. Ujjayini was shocked to receive a bad proposal from a famous veteran musical director. He didn’t expect to have such an experience.

At the age of 17, Ujjayini went to Mumbai due to a reality show. A renowned musical director was his mentor there. In a recent broadcast, Ujjayini said the music director offered to sing in his film. As a result, the studio had to travel often.

One evening around 12:30 p.m., the musical director made a bad proposal. Ujjayini was shocked. He heard everything and asked, why does he say such things? The musical director replied: “Because I love you”. Ujjaini said he was very nervous then. But coldly answered, he was only respecting him.

Although he did not speak that day, he later sang a song with Ujjayini in the film in his own words. Then his behavior completely changed. Not only this time, Ujjain has been in this awkward situation many times. The music director heard bad suggestions even though he went to the studio with his mother. At that young age, such incidents would have had an impact on the mind.

However, Ujjayini is unwilling to call the entire industry bad for these few isolated incidents. According to him, just as there are casting couches, there are also good people. Ujjain went to Mumbai at a very young age. He learned a lot. I learned to talk to famous people, to introduce myself.

In an interview with Sangam media, Ujjayini said that when she traveled to Mumbai during the reality show, there were not so many differences. The shows were also not scripted like they are now. There would have been a difference of opinion among the judges, and the filming would have been stopped. Business was not what it is today.

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