Mukesh Ambani: Ambani’s big bet! Reliance shares rose after Mukesh Ambani acquired the company

Mukesh Ambani: Ambani’s big bet! Reliance shares rose after Mukesh Ambani acquired the company

Mukesh Ambani’s big bet. India’s second richest industrialist is buying a 79.4% stake in prominent US company SenShock. The share price of his own company, Reliance, rose by leaps and bounds. It should be noted that the American company Senshawk (Senshawk) is a software manufacturing company. This company prepares software for solar infrastructures (Solar System). It goes without saying that Ambani wanted to strengthen its position in the electricity sector by acquiring this software manufacturing company.

Incidentally, green energy is one of the most important business sectors for Mukesh Ambani. Along with thermal energy, Ambani wants to popularize green energy throughout the country and the world. One of the alternative power systems is solar energy. He wants to establish himself in the list of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world in the field of solar energy. It has therefore reinforced its steps for the moment by acquisitions.

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Mukesh Ambani and CEO of Senshawk are happy with the deal. Mukesh Ambani sent a message to Senshock after this acquisition, “Welcome to RIL”. On the other hand, the CEO of SenShock also praised this acquisition of RIL.

What is Mukesh Ambani’s future project?

Oil, gas and petrochemicals are the three most important business projects of Mukesh Ambani at present. 60% of own profits come from these projects. Ambani aims to establish itself as the largest industrialist in India and Asia in the field of solar energy. It acquired SenShock for this purpose. SenShock is developing software that can be used to generate solar power. By acquiring this company, Reliance will be able to reduce the costs of its green energy projects.

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The stock price has gone up

After the acquisition of this company by Ambani, Reliance’s share price increased by 0.5% in the equity market.

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