Mumtaz “Mother’s Fair”

Mumtaz “Mother’s Fair”

Ujala Begum, the mother of the famous Baul Empress of Bangladesh, Mumtaz Begum, died on September 30 last year. The biggest role behind a Mumtaz becoming the Mumtaz she is today was played by her mother Ujala Begum. Mumtaz became very lonely after losing this mother.

On the first anniversary of the death of ‘Garbini Ma’, Ujala Begum, Mumtaz Begum is going to organize a special fair called ‘Mayer Mela’ as a sign of respect to his mother. This ‘Mayer Mela’ is held at Madhur Manch of Baul Complex in Jaimantap, Singair, Mumtaz’s home village, Manikganj on September 30 and October 1.

This was confirmed by Mumtaz herself. He said, it’s been a year since my mother left. I never forgot my mother, even for a moment. And how will I stay? Because Mother is always aware of me in meditation. I think mom is still watching me. He prays for me from afar every moment. In remembrance of my mother’s memory, I organized a special fair on the occasion of her first death anniversary, called Mother’s Fair. During the fair, many respected bowl artists from home and abroad will participate. Along with this they will perform the Baul song, the Bhav song, the parting song. I invite everyone to join. I have a special request to participate in the show in order to make this event a success.

Mumtaz thanked the Chief Executive of Bangladesh University Medical College Hospital, Dr. To Ashish Kumar Chakraborty. Because it was on her initiative that Mumtaz’s mother received the ‘Garbini Ma’ award in 2019.

Meanwhile, Mumtaz’s song “Ghur Ghur Poka” was released on YouTube. It’s from the movie ‘Damaal’ directed by Raihan Rafi. The song is written by Russell Mahmood, the music is composed by Arafat Mohsin. Mumtaz said the song was getting a lot of response.

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