Murders rise as ‘Crime Patrol’ stops

Murders rise as ‘Crime Patrol’ stops

Five-year-old Alina Islam Ayat was picked up by Abir Ali from the EPZ area of ​​Chittagong on November 15. The phone was given to his father for ransom. At some point, Ayat was killed by strangulation. Abir Ali cut Ayat’s fluffy body into pieces to hide the body. Then two bundles are filled with fragmented bodies. One package is thrown into the ocean, another into the canal. After such a cruel murder, the Abir killer could not pass. Caught in the police net. But after the murder, why such brutality with the corpse? Abir said this during a police interrogation. Abir told police he learned the techniques of murder and hiding clues from watching the Indian TV show “Crime Patrol”.

Another incident from October 2020. Four members of the same family were strangled to death in Khalsi village of Helatla Union in Satkhira. In the case of the four murders, the CID investigation revealed that Rahanoor mixed sleeping pills with soft drinks and gave them to his siblings, as well as his nephews and nieces. Later, the sleeping four were killed by slitting their throats with chapatis. Rahanoor also regularly watched “Crime Patrol”. He learns the techniques of murder by watching this television series.

Not only the Ayat of Chittagong incident or the four Satkhira murders; After arresting those involved in several other sensational cases, police claimed that those involved had learned the techniques of murder planning and concealment of evidence from Indian TV shows ‘Crime Patrol’ and ‘CID’.

Crime experts say that incidents such as murder, kidnapping, rape are presented in detail while acting in these crime programs. What kind of technical techniques can be used to evade the eyes of law enforcement is also there. It also shows how law enforcement brings criminals to justice. The presenter showed images of bloodshed, riots and riots of multi-faceted conflicts in keeping with real events happening in society. Crime Patrol provides crime details rather than crime prevention messages. It has a negative impact on the psyche of some children, adolescents and young people.

Not only in Bangladesh, crime related programs are very popular in different countries of the world. Crime Patrol and CID are regularly seen by many people in Bangladesh. Crime is presented in such a way in these shows that it often conveys the message – it’s normal, these are everyday occurrences. Apart from that, many video games also create a kind of fantasy world for kids by learning how to kill the enemy. Many say that children in the Western world cannot watch every program on television or on the Internet. There is a type of system called “Parental Lock” on television or on the Internet. Most of the time in our country, parents watch violent programs with children and teenagers. Parents do not convey any message to the child about the negative effects of such programs. In many families, the “remote control” of viewing these programs has been left in the hands of children and teenagers.

In this regard, Jobeda Khatun, Head of Department of Clinical Psychology at Dhaka University, told Samakal that the mental structure of a child-adolescent and an adult is different due to natural reasons. Teenagers don’t have the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Events like Crime Patrol detail tactics that can be used to put others in danger. Some teenagers want to live heroically in their environment. It also creates a feeling, “I’m fine” – meaning everyone is fine. “I am no good” means no one else can be good. They are not old enough to understand the difference between light and dark. Then they want to film the characters of a show as themselves.

Jobeda Khatun also said that sports, cultural and entertainment programs should be broadcast for the gentle training of children and teenagers. In the family, parents must speak to their children in the same tone. Children and adolescents are in conflict despite the different advice of their elders on the same subject. Attention should be paid to the teaching of morals from childhood.

Dhaka University Criminology Department professor Zia Rahman said it was time to consider whether programs like Crime Patrol needed censorship. Such programs can be promoted by having an educational component. Unfortunately, these are propagated without any kind of censorship. There are many movies that indoctrinate teenagers into gang culture. The evolution of society comes with many challenges. Civilization has developed by confronting them.

Psychiatrist Dr. Mohit Kamal, however, explains the impact of shows like Crime Patrol differently. He said if there is a negative incident, some can learn positive lessons from it. It depends on the personality traits of a person. However, if there are criminal traits lurking in his subconscious, negative entities may be awakened by such occurrences. Instead of morality, consumerist thinking will settle in his head. Many people learn how to save themselves from negative characters in society by reading detective and juvenile novels. One or two want to be villains again. Thrills and excitement are better if perceived positively.

Sumana Siddiqui, program manager of Durant TV, told Samakal: “We have a research team to figure out what kind of program to show children. Very consciously, nothing related to the crime is shown on edgy television. Censorship should be in place for programs that may incite child and adolescent delinquency.

The head of the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI), Additional IGP, Banaj Kumar Majumdar said those who commit crimes mostly have a strategy of their own. The Crime Patrol might wonder if this fits their plan.

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