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“My desires are small but my dreams are big”


“My desires are small but my dreams are big”

Jhilik, the popular singer of the current generation, has spent 14 years in music professionally. He was the champion of the first season of Serakantha-Channel I. Since then, he has worked regularly in stage, audio and film. During this time, the singer has won the blessings and closeness of music legends from the audience, colleagues. Recently, Jhelik also won the Channel I Music Award as Best Singer. Today is the artist’s birthday. Celebrate the day with your family and friends. And since yesterday, Jhilik has received one surprise after another from well-wishers. Musicians and close friends celebrate Jhelik’s birthday every time, especially around 12 p.m. This time was no exception.

How will today go? Jhelik said, I didn’t do any work today. I will spend time with my family and friends. Each birthday holds different surprises. I get the same indication. Already the cutting of gifts and cakes has started since yesterday. Even today, the whole day will pass like this. And the new song? The singer said, I regularly work on new songs. Between the two, about half a dozen songs have been prepared for the Rangan Music release. Apart from that, I did some songs. I recently worked for radio. I hope everyone will like these songs when they are released. The debut of the song was at a very young age. After that, 14 years were devoted professionally to music. What do you want at this point? Jhilik says confidently, “My wants and needs are very small, but the dream is very big.” Even if I don’t plan anything. Keep the voice ready, in order to use the opportunity correctly. Nothing wrong with asking though. I want to be able to sing good songs for the rest of my life. And my song should be in people’s mouths.

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