My marriage forehead is bad: Prosenjit

My marriage forehead is bad: Prosenjit

Prosenjit Chatterjee is the most famous face of Indian Bengali cinema. He also took the responsibility of breaking the family on his shoulders.

The personal life of Bumbada, who was on camera for three decades, is no less interesting. These topics are addressed in different ways. Now the actor himself spoke about the divorce from his first wife.

In an interview with G24 hours, Prosenjit said, “I have a bad marriage. Everywhere I say the same thing: what happened is my fault, I didn’t understand it.

They fell in love and got married. Childhood friendship, marriage in youth. The year is 1992. But this relationship did not last long. After three years, Prosenjit-Devasree’s marriage broke up.

The actor said that after breaking up his marriage to Debashree, he retired. He didn’t leave the house for two years.

Prosenjit said, “First love, first love has a different place in life. Another factor was my age. By the time I got married, if I had gotten married five years later, maybe we could both have handled this with more maturity. But I didn’t blame anyone anywhere. I said it was all my fault.

The actor also said, “Everyone knew about our love, our love. I was scared. People might think my love wasn’t genuine. Maybe my love was wrong, I don’t couldn’t love.

“I used to suffer from that thought. I couldn’t go in front of anyone because of shame, fear and shame. At that time, many directors, close friends came to my house and said – this is not life. After that, I slowly got over the house arrest situation and turned around.

After his first marriage broke up, the actor married Aparna Guthakurta, their daughter Prerna. Prosenjit ended this relationship in 2002. Now he lives with Arpita. Their only son is Trishanjit.

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