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“My wife is happy, now I have to make other people’s wives happy”, Befas Varun Dhawan

“My wife is happy, now I have to make other people’s wives happy”, Befas Varun Dhawan

Bangladeshi office: Varun Dhawan continues to work uninterrupted despite complex illness. His new movie ‘Bheriya’ has just been released. The film based on the story of a wolf-man received mixed reactions from audiences. But one of Varun’s comments caught more attention than his film.

Varun opened his mouth about his career, movies, Bollywood in an interview recently. There he said his wife Natasha Dalal was happy with him. Now he wants to please other people’s wives. In fact, Barun says Natasha’s likes and dislikes in movies affect her too.

Natasha stays up late watching thrillers. So he is very happy to see the sheep. After that, Barun said jokingly, “My wife is happy. Now I have to please other people’s wives.

Barun makes it clear that he is her biggest critic. He still has quite a competitive spirit. But Bollywood hasn’t made much progress, according to Varun.
The actor says he follows his father’s advice very closely. Director David Dhawan tells his son that success and failure are part of life. Don’t worry too much about failure.

Barun said he himself had seen father David’s career go up and down. He used to be upset for two days if a movie failed. On the third day, he would pick up his pace.

Incidentally, Bheriya was released on November 25. Director Amar Kaushik has made a horror comedy about the wolfman. Kriti Sanon is opposite Varun in the film. The film also stars Abhishek Banerjee and Deepak Dobriyal.

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