Mysterious post of actress Rukmini!


Mysterious post of actress Rukmini!

Entertainment Desk: Rukmini Maitra’s mysterious post on Insta. However, the Tollywood diva said, “Do you know where I can be found tonight?” Are you sure?’ Even after asking the question, the answer is known.

He said he will be seen on the judge’s seat in Star Jalsa’s Dance Dance Junior. He is seen in the third phase of the reality show. Dev is with me. The event takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Rohan Bhattacharya is responsible for Dance Dance Junior. Trina Saha was considered a mentor. Dipanvita Rakshit and Abhishek Basuke. Along with Dev and Rukmini, Manami Ghosh is also a judge. Recently, Sunil Shetty was also seen as the judge in this reality show. He also got drunk with Kachikachad. In an interview with ABP Live, Rukmini said she loves to dance. Rukmini herself used to take part in the event as a child. But then he got a place in the back row because he was much taller than the others. He gave up dancing once he got bored. Later, however, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise to be taller, the actress says.

Recently she was seen with Dev in the movie ‘Kishmish’

Incidentally, in 2017, Rukmini Maitra got caught celluloid in Tollywood while holding hands with Dev in the movie Champ. After that she acted in several films such as Cockpit, Kabir, Kidnap. Recently, she was seen with Dev in the movie ‘Kishmish’. And this time he got caught on the reality show. This reality show has gained popularity since the beginning. Like last season, Manami Ghosh and Dev appeared as judges. But Rukmini is the new guest instead of the judge. This is the first time Rukmini has been cast as a judge on a dance reality show.

Another Bollywood actress, Ali Fazal paired with which actress?

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