Nachiketa keeps quiet while inciting rumors of family breakup, that’s what the daughter said

Nachiketa keeps quiet while inciting rumors of family breakup, that’s what the daughter said

Entertainment desk: The family of popular singer Nachiketa Chakraborty has been floating around on social media for a few days. And this rumor started based on a Facebook post from this singer. Posting a photo, he wrote – ‘What! Eventually, the divorce was finalized.


Since then, the question has arisen, is it a divorce with his wife Sumita, or is it the title of a new song? Netizens made various comments about it, but Nachiketa himself put a lock on the matter.

Dhansindi is the only daughter of the Nachiketa-Sumita couple. Started reading after finishing school. An Indian media contacted him about it. Dhansidi said, “I don’t know why my father wrote like that. I don’t even understand the case. Have you spoken to your father? In response to this question, Dhansindi said, “Now is the peak season. Dad has a lot of work, so there’s no chance of talking about it. And if they have made a decision, it is entirely their personal affair.

Did Mother speak with Sumita? In response to this question, Dhansidi said, “I asked my mother. But the mother scolded him and said, ‘Do what you do. You don’t have to think about that.

Like her father, her daughter Dhansindi has also avoided the divorce issue. However, many netizens clarified the issue. One of them wrote – Nachiketa offers a song called “Pacemaker”. The word ‘divorce’ is in one of the lines of this song.

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Nachiketa’s college life friend is his wife Sumita. The news of complications in the married life of this couple never came to the fore. On the contrary, Nachiketa has had his wife by his side as a co-fighter since the beginning of his career.

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