Naga next to Samantha, will the relationship between the two melt?


Naga next to Samantha, will the relationship between the two melt?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a popular South Indian actress, is suffering from a rare condition. Recently, the actress shared her physical condition on social networks. He was diagnosed with a rare condition called myositis.

At one time, Samantha Ruth Prabhu-Naga Chaitanya was one of the ideal couples in the southern industry. However, in October last year, they surprised everyone and announced their divorce. They ended their four-year marriage and separated. After that, Samantha suffered from depression for a long time.

Samantha’s friends from industry support her after learning of her condition. Naga’s half-brother Akkineni publicly wished Samantha well. Since then, there has been speculation that the frozen Naga-Samantha relationship will melt away now?

According to Indian media, Naga is very worried about Samantha’s health. Naga called to inquire about his ex-wife’s physical condition. Nargajun’s son also expressed his desire to meet Sam very soon.

Fans want Naga to be by Samantha’s side during this difficult time. Even if the romantic relationship does not develop, they at least want the friendship relationship between the two to remain intact.

What is myositis?

This autoimmune disease causes inflammation of the cells lining the muscles. This increases neck stiffness and pain, lower back pain, and knee pain. The patient has difficulty walking, fatigue and even shortness of breath.

On October 29, Samantha wrote on Instagram about the disease – A few months ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called myositis. I thought I’d let you know when the problem has subsided a bit, but it’s taking a little longer.

After that, Samantha added: “I feel like I don’t always need to push myself so hard. Admitting my weaknesses is something I still struggle with. The doctors are hoping I will recover very soon. I have good days, bad days – physically and mentally. Sometimes I feel like I can’t take another day. As I watch this moment go by, my mind says – I’m a little further on the road to well-being. Lots of love to all’.

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