Narayanganj throwing motion is also stopped

Narayanganj throwing motion is also stopped

From Narayanganj to Munshiganj-Chandpur, five routes including boat launching and movement are also closed. No launch has left Narayanganj Central Terminal Ghat since Saturday morning December 10.

Going to the ground, it can be seen that passengers are crowding into the launch ghat without taking the bus. Many passengers have been waiting for the launch since the morning. Some left without getting the launch.

A concerned employee, who did not wish to be named, said the launch was halted due to the BNP rally in Dhaka. The passengers arrive since the morning but return without having obtained the launch. Narayanganj is very close to Dhaka. BNP activists can easily congregate in Narayanganj and enter Dhaka through these roads. Boat traffic was stopped because of this fear.


A passenger named Shah Alam said, I am a sick person. I came to Narayanganj for treatment. I’ve been waiting to go home since Friday. But I can’t go there because the launch is stopped.

Badiuzzaman Badal, president of the Launch Owners Association, told Jago News that there was no directive on us. No one, governmental or private, gave pressure or direction. The launches have already ceased for lack of passengers. There is no other problem here.

Meanwhile, the bus service has stopped in Narayanganj since morning. No long-distance buses left Dhaka. Didn’t even come.

Mobashvir Shravan/SJ/GKS

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