Nawaz does not let his wife go to the toilet!

Nawaz does not let his wife go to the toilet!

The marriage of Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui and his wife Alia Siddiqui is complicated. Complaint by the actor’s wife against her in-laws. I feel like I’m under house arrest in my own house.

Alia Siddiqui’s lawyer’s complaint against the actor himself. Aaliya does not get any food. Use of the toilets is not permitted. On behalf of the actor’s family, his wife Alia filed a rape complaint at the police station.

Trouble started with the actor’s mother, Mehrunnisa Siddique, over property complications. The actor’s mother went straight to the police station after her stepdaughter and stepmother got into a face-to-face argument. Since then, the situation has become increasingly heated. In this context, the attorney for the actor’s wife claimed these things. He questioned the police investigation.

Alia’s lawyer claims that the police threaten to arrest my client almost every day. Question Alia, without even sparing her grandson. They even raised questions about his relationship with Nawaz.

As the wife was charged with extortion from the actor’s home, Alia also filed a Section 509 complaint against Nawaz’s family.

The lawyer for the actor’s wife filed a complaint directly against Nawaz Uddin.

He said his wife Alia and children had not received food for about seven days. There is a ban on using the toilet. Even Alia and her children are surrounded by male bodyguards around the clock. Alia filed domestic violence charges against Nawaz and her family in 2020.

She said she was beaten by her brother Shamash Siddiqui even though her husband never raised his hand. Since then, they have lived separately, but Alia has changed her mind. Alia reversed her decision to divorce Nawaz in 2021. But year after year, their marital discord is again at the center of the practice.

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