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“Neither star nor superstar thought of the film industry”

“Neither star nor superstar thought of the film industry”

Actor Nana Shah has been working in this film industry for over two decades. He spoke to Ittefaq about the current film industry. Interviewed Syed tariff

What do you think came to the film?
I thought of nothing. I used to hang out in Mohammadpur when I was young. I had a great time on track. Then the friend wrote a play. He said, my friend, you have to act. A drama of the war of liberation. I said, I never acted in my life. I will not give. The friend said, I do not accept that the blood to act in his body is not given to him.

Does that mean your dad was also an actor?
Father was a businessman. But he was mad to act. He has always frequented any theatrical practice. Apart from that, many of my family members are famous actors. But I don’t want to talk about them. Never sold their name in life. I don’t want to do it at this age. But my father had an influence on my life. See my performance in this theater, the excitement expressed by the father, is not forgotten!

How did you go from those serious performances in the theater to the popularity of the movie?
This story is very long. Let’s make it short. After seeing my friend’s play, a famous actor made me his disciple. His name is Abdullah Al Mamun. The guru kept me under the rule of love and affection. At that time many people thought that Abdullah Al Mamun was my own uncle. In fact, everything is built on relationships. I started doing TV series, commercials and stage under Mamun Mama.

Nana Shah

But why haven’t you found any work by Abdullah Al Mamun?
It must tell the story of the destruction of the theatre. I don’t want to talk about Guru. Because there are many types of bad theater politics. What began to happen before my eyes. I couldn’t take it properly. Let’s talk about that, I just want to say that he contributed a lot to become today’s Nana Shah.

After being a hero in the theater and TV, why did he become a villain in the cinema?
This wish has existed for a long time. But I was unlucky. There are plenty of opportunities to work as villains in movies. Shaheen Suman gave me this opportunity.

You said there’s a lot of politics in the theatre. I’ve heard more in the movies. How did you survive it?
In his own insistence and love. But here too I was the victim of many politicians.

How is?
A famous actor sat in the editing room and dropped my sequence saying to himself. Not a picture or two. In several films in a row. But I thought he was an idol in life!

They say you were supposed to team up with Salman Shah…
Yes, Salman liked my stubborn nature. I was bored and almost quit the movie. But he himself went to my house and got his hands on me and signed me into the movie. He said, from today you will be in all my movies. Then he died. Only one photo was taken. It’s also a super hit. So I always say Salman’s death is my personal loss.

At this point in the film, you will move on to different digital media. How is the current environment?
Listen, someone here is asking for more than they deserve. Now, no star-superstar in the country thinks about the industry.

What do you think alone?
No, I’m not saying that. I am not a superstar. I don’t control the industry. I’m talking about those who do, who have those powers. But I’ve always been loyal to the cinema and I’ve worked in almost half a hundred films today. I never sought work from any manufacturer. I think if I’m needed in the movie, my call will come.

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