Netflix in trouble in Arabia for kissing scenes

Netflix in trouble in Arabia for kissing scenes

Netflix is ​​in trouble in the Arab world because of a scene from the movie ‘Jurassic World: Camp Creatures’. Authorities at the streaming service were alerted after viewing the scene of the two girls kissing.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that Netflix has been urged by Arab Gulf countries to remove content that runs counter to “Islamic and social values ​​and norms” from its platform.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, an alliance of Arab countries in the Gulf region, and Saudi media watchdog warned Netflix in a statement, according to Saudi media.

A joint statement from the Saudi General Commission for Broadcast Media and the GCC Electronic Media Officers Committee said, “Remove such content, including content intended for children, and comply with the law.” [নেটফ্লিক্সকে] It has been said.”

The statement warned that authorities will monitor whether the directive is implemented and that legal action will be taken if such content continues to be disseminated.

Netflix’s recent content, including content aimed at children, is against the laws and social values ​​of these Arab countries, the statement said.

No other details were mentioned about the content. However, in the report aired on Saudi state television, the kissing scene in the movie “Jurassic World: Camp Creatures” was “blurred” and promoted.

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