Netizens are amazed to see Suhana without makeup, her face full of her father.

Netizens are amazed to see Suhana without makeup, her face full of her father.

Bangladeshi office: Father Shahrukh Khan (Shahrukh Khan), the king of Bollywood. It goes without saying that his daughter will make a difference in the industry. Suhana Khan’s name will top the list among the new generation of Bollywood child stars. She has yet to debut as an actress. But the popularity of the daughter is not inferior to that of the father.

In the future, Suhana will enter the acting world through director Zoya Akhtar’s “The Archies”. So now we see him a little more in front of the camera. Suhana also goes to Bollywood parties. And the paparazzi moves like a shadow to catch a glimpse of him. Avoiding their attention is not only difficult, but impossible!

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Suhana couldn’t avoid it either. He was going for a walk with his mother Gauri Khan. He was waiting for his mother in the car. Seeing him, the camera lens flared up. That day, Suhana was caught casually dressed and without makeup. It’s clear from the video that he was a little uncomfortable as he was suddenly caught on camera.

However, Suhana’s makeup-free look drew mixed reactions from netizens. One wrote, Suhana looks very sweet even without makeup. According to another, Suhana doesn’t do much drama like other child stars. But he also heard criticism. Some wrote, true form came out when makeup is removed. Does she deserve to be an actress? The question also arose.

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Incidentally, we heard earlier that Suhana is learning to be “polite” by her friends in the industry. Suhana is an introvert. Although he is smiling with his friends, he is a bit awkward in front of everyone. But as soon as he enters Bollywood, he has to move like this industry.

Even if you don’t show too much enthusiasm, you have to keep smiling in front of the paparazzi. They should bow. Otherwise, Suhana will be trolled for her curious nature. Suhana also started to transform following the advice of industry experts and friends.

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