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Never act for money

Never act for money

Popular actor Fazlur Rahman Babu. Recently, a movie called “Black War” was released in which he starred. A few days ago he also gave voice to a new song. He talks about current engagements and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment

* What are you currently occupying?

** Busy with filming movies. I have already finished several films. A few films are nearing completion. Last week, a movie called “Black War” was released. Also works for its promotion.

* What is the audience’s reaction to the movie “Black War”?

** This is a police action genre film. Audiences loved this film. Now everything can be seen through social media. As a result, everyone knows how the movie is going. As the days go by, I think the public will show more interest in this film.

* What is the news of your next film?

** Movies named ‘Ural’, ‘Bhangan’ and ‘Veerangana 71’ are awaiting release. Their story is incredible. I really liked playing. The films are expected to be released this year. I hope the public will enjoy it.

* What is your review of the current drama?

**At one time drama was all about the spoken word, now it’s about the sight. Some see this case positively, others do not want to comment further. I think we should get out of the sickly competition going on to increase views. Views can also be increased with good and valuable dramas. A quality drama is happening. Those who work responsibly towards society and the country should be encouraged to do well.

* Many people criticize the current series of dramas. How do you see it?

** The story of the current drama series seems similar to me. So I’m not very interested in working. Personally, I never act for money. If I had, maybe I would have been lost in the flow like many people. However, it is undeniable that there are also many good parts.

* You are also sometimes seen in songs. News?

** Although I sing, I never wanted to be a singer, I still don’t. I want to live by doing. But sing if you have good lyrics and melodious songs. I did a song recently. The song titled ‘Rangila Pagal’ is written and composed by HM Nipu. Music composed by Apu Raihan. A few days ago this song was released with a video. I see the interest of the public and the public. There are plans to give voice to new songs in the future.

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