New twist to increase TRP, new character entry in ‘Mithai’

New twist to increase TRP, new character entry in ‘Mithai’

bangladeshi the pulpit: Whether the TRP is high or low, the practice of ‘Mithai’ always continues. Series viewership has been declining since earlier, TRP has also been declining. Mithai left the top five. But the Modak family is not special. They focus on how to improve the series without looking at the rise and fall of TRP.

In the meantime, twist after twist came down in history. The double villains accompany Mithai and make the lives of the Modak family miserable. One and Only local councilor Pramila Laha became friends with Aditya Agarwal. The Modak family had to be moved by their plot.

Now, of course, Mithai Sidra is back in Manohara after exposing One and Only’s Jarijuri. Along with this, everyone came together to restore the business. Meanwhile, a new character will enter the Mithai family. Who is this character ?

Name pending, Mrs. Chatterjee. Model, director and actress Aindrila Bandyopadhyay will be seen in this role.
Aindrila was seen in Zee Bangla’s “Pilu” series a few days ago. He was considered a journalist. Earlier, the actress was seen in minor roles in several series. However, it is not yet known whether his character in the Mithai series is positive or negative.

Incidentally, the sweet fans have been under a bit of pressure for quite some time now. Because we hear that the series might be over after Puja. Viewers believe that the gradual decrease in TRPE is the reason for the discontinuation of sweets.

We hear that a bunch of new series will start on Zee shortly after Puja. Since most soap operas now air on the channel, the oldies have to give way. Although no official announcement has been made about it by the authorities of the channel. The crew did not comment.

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