Nippon was seen as a real sex worker by clients: Eamon


Nippon was seen as a real sex worker by clients: Eamon

The film directed by Saidul Islam Rana ‘Virtva’ will be released on Friday September 16th. An important role was played by the well-known face of Dhakai cinema, actress Nipun Akhtar. On the occasion of the release, currently Nipun and other stars are busy promoting the film. Actor Mamnoon Eamon recently spoke about the movie “Veeratva” at a promotional event for the movie. She said that Nipun is a National Film Award-winning actress. The actor said about Nippon’s character in the movie, she’s a beautiful girl. Everyone wants to get closer to him. Nipun made the decoration of this place (brothel) during the filming. There are a lot of people coming and going. We were shooting in a room. There were also girls around. Jasmine and Nipun stood with them. Customers came and started talking to them both. We had a lot of fun that time, says Eamon. In fact, the stories seemed very realistic. There are many heroes in our country. Like the armed police, our farmers are also heroes. But in this film, I played the role of a doctor. This actor said about his character, we saw how big heroes doctors are during Corona. But from this hero, the film ‘Veeratva’. And the doctor is the biggest hero because at least the police-RAB must come to him. Apart from Nipun and Eman, the movie “Veeratva” also stars newcomers Salwa, Intekhab Dinar, Ahsan Habib Nasim, Monira Mithu, Armaan Parvez Murad, Shilpi Sarkar Apu and others.

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