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Nirab-Mehzabin at the opening of the showroom

Nirab-Mehzabin at the opening of the showroom

Popular small screen actress Mehjabin Chowdhury and actor Nirab have so far starred in a dozen dramas together. After starting to shoot a movie, it didn’t happen in the end. However, they regularly participate in stage shows and various showroom openings. In the continuity of this one, yesterday afternoon (January 1st), this pair presented itself at the inauguration of a showroom at the Police Plaza of the capital.

Mehzabeen-Nirwa was suddenly surrounded by fans at the mall. Security personnel need to pick up speed. After that, they inaugurated the new Shamim Gems and Jewelery showroom. At this time, the head of the organization Shamir Ara Jyotsna, choreographer Ivan Shahriar Sohag and Gautam Saha were present.

Mehjabeen said, “If anyone follows me, you will see that I don’t like big jewelry. I like to wear small jewelry. If you wear earrings, maybe don’t wear them around your neck, and if you wear them around your neck, don’t wear earrings. I especially love wearing jewelry that has small, unique crafts.

Talking about working with Nirav, he said, “I have worked with Nirav bhai many times before. He’s my very good friend. Seen together in different places. I like to go out.

Nirav said, “Now people’s events have also increased. Thus, the use of jewelry has also increased a lot. Usually girls are very fond of gold and diamond. I think Shamim will find a collection of his choice at Gems & Jewellery.

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