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Nirahua fell in love with Amrapali on a soft bed


Nirahua fell in love with Amrapali on a soft bed

Entertainment desk: Bhojpuri is a small film industry, but today along with Bollywood, this Bhojpuri industry has gained popularity. Whether it is a Bhojpuri film or a song, as soon as it is released on social networks, the number of views reaches hundreds of thousands of euros.

And especially if we talk about actor Nirahua then there is no doubt, he is the only star in the Bhojpuri world. Him and actress Amrapali Dubey appearing together means the movie or song will be a super hit.

Currently, Bhojpuri has become popular with many stars, but no one has been able to beat these two pairs so far. In fact, audiences appreciate the real-life chemistry of these two. Recently, a Bhojpuri song has gone viral on the net, in which the popular film industry duo Bhojpuri have been seen together. Dinesh’s dance and romance with Amrapali in this viral song caught the public’s attention.

These two stars won’t have a daring scene! They were seen in a close on-screen relationship to the tune of “Dhadhak Jala Chatiya”. In the intimate scene, they ride the mercury of excitement in the daring scene. And everyone enjoyed this scene.

This video was shared about five years ago from a YouTube channel named “Bhojpuri Bhaiya”, but now this video has gone viral again. Even after five years, this popular duet appeared in practice due to the formula of this song.

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