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Nirhua had a great romance with Kajol last night


Nirhua had a great romance with Kajol last night

Entertainment desk: Dinesh Lal Yadav and Kajal Raghwani are indeed the first actor-actress duo to appear on behalf of the Bhojpuri film industry. Their popularity in the Bhojpuri world is exorbitant. There are many fans of this pair’s great romance and acting. Needless to say, their presence brings a different dimension to any Bhojpuri film. Seeing their presence, the public crowded into the cinema hall.

Dinesh Lal Yadav is popularly known as Nirahua in Bhojpuri film industry. He is called the king of the Bhojpuri world. Viewers love everything from romance to fights. Although he is primarily an actor, he has also been heard singing various Bhojpuri songs. Recently, his various songs and videos have gone viral on social media. Recently, a video of him went viral on social media.

The video for the song that went viral is the popular song “Nathuniya Tar Leve Da” from the popular Bhojpuri movie “Aashiq Awara” starring Nirahua and Kajal. The couple’s on-screen romance in this film was a hit with audiences. This song also captures the great romance of the couple. Many netizens are sleepless after seeing this.

At the start of the video, Kajol was seen in the flowerbed as a bride. Nirahua then approaches the heroine and covers her with kisses. In this way, the two indulged in many intimate romances. The video was shared by YouTube channel Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Although the video is 6 years old, the video has already crossed 33 lakh views.

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