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Nirmalendu Guna’s “Love Withdrawal” poem without showing the film

Nirmalendu Guna’s “Love Withdrawal” poem without showing the film

Nirmalendu Guna wrote on Facebook on November 21, highlighting the writing background of the Deshantar novel: “Probably in 1982, I wrote the novel ‘Deshantar’ during my stay in Mymensingh. Deshantar was published as “the first novel written by the poet” in the Eid issue of the weekly Sachitra Thanthi. This novel then caused a sensation in the readership.

“The following year, Muktdhara published Deshantra in the form of a book. I approached several artists to paint the cover of this book. No artist could paint the picture of the dashing maiden Mansa. Finally Deshantar was published with an abstract painting by Hashem Khan on the cover.

The poet novel “Novel-Jharer Tandbe” by Humayun Ahmed, Imdadul Haque Milan, Moinul Ahsan Saber and Anisul Haque was dropped at this time, according to Nirmalendu Guna.

He wrote: “I didn’t think this novel would ever be discussed later. It was my second novel after the juvenile novel ‘Kalo Megher Vela’. The only novel written for adults. I’m retiring from writing novels because readers won’t accept my favorite novel. I say to myself, what father, now sleep with oil in the nose. I still have this sleep.

Nirmalendu Guna said that after 40 years he secretly cried after seeing the novel’s characters on the cinema screen, “I suffered while writing this book, or reading it after it was published as book form. But I never cried. But forty years after the composition, I secretly cried when I saw Deshantar by Ashutosh Sujan on the cinema screen. My chest became heavy again and again. The eyes are blurred by the water.

“However, film is considered a more powerful medium than novels. Listening to my father’s recitation of Rabindranath’s poem ‘Devatar Gras’, I wept openly for the shepherd thrown into the raging sea. I would then be 7-8. There is a detailed description of him in the book ‘Amar Boykebela’.”

Nirmalendu Guna also commented that there is no happier cry than this after seeing a movie based on a novel written by himself at the age of 78.

Moreover, on November 22, Nirmalendu Guna wrote on Facebook: “Deshantar will be considered a unique creation not only in the history of Bengali cinema, but also in the history of world cinema”. If it is possible to screen the film abroad, in various international film festivals. Because, although the context and the language are different, the history of humanity is the history of migration. The fact that I was able to see the migration in my lifetime is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

Mamunur Rashid, Subhashis Bhowmik, Moushumi, Ahmed Rubel, Momena Chowdhury, Yash Rohan, Tapur and many more starred in Deshantar movie made with government grant.

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