Nithor Mahbub’s “guest” surprise


Nithor Mahbub’s “guest” surprise

Nithor Mahbub surprised everyone by releasing a song titled “Agantuk” on his birthday on August 18. Since the release of the clip, the artist has not ceased to praise.

Nithor Mahbub is multi-talented; This artist is different from all the others in his work as well as in his name. He has created a unique position in the arena of home art and culture through outstanding and aesthetically pleasing works. Nandit became an artist by bringing Bangladeshi mime art to life, especially with his creative art. The most interesting thing about ‘Agantuk’ video is that Nithor Mahbub did almost everything including lyrics, music, voice, script, video shooting, editing, directing. And the lyric video of this song also shows the touch of its unique features.

The video of this life-oriented song with outstanding lyrics was released on the YouTube channel named ‘Nithor Music’. The song is composed by Shailu Shah, Music by Toffee Renner. Faisal Mahmood and Gunjan are the models in the video.

In this context, Nithor Mahbub said many people have already praised the song. Young people have come to the city from afar with many dreams. How do they live the first days of the city? I tried to show his image through this song. I believe ‘The Stranger’ has no reason not to like it once he hears it. I tried to present various aspects of society that I saw with my own eyes in the lyrics and videos. My teachers told me a lot to focus on music, saying I would do well in music. But I’ve always been in the drama.

Agantuk song link- Write to Nithor Mahbub

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