“No matter how much we laugh, Hero Alam can’t be stopped”


“No matter how much we laugh, Hero Alam can’t be stopped”

Entertainment Office: Bogra’s son Ashraful Hossain aka ‘Hero Alam’ got into a heated discussion on social media. This young man who made noise thanks to music videos in the virtual world is now known to Bengalis. Which can be discussed, but not avoided. He spends busy time playing, singing, producing, staging shows without worrying about discussion and criticism.

Recently, Hero Alam is reciting poetry. He recited a poem written about his life. Through this poem, the image of the sufferings of his life appeared. As preparation, Hero Alam has been practicing recitation with Prof. Jewel Adeeb from Bangla Department of Jagannath University for the past two months. Malek Afsari, one of the country’s most successful directors, applauded her bravery. On several occasions, he posted video messages on social media discussing various issues, expressing strong criticism and anger.

Regarding Hero Alam, Malek Afsari said, “No matter how much we laugh and joke, Hero Alam cannot be stopped. no one can The police either. Hero Alam has sung in half the languages ​​of the world. How does he sing these songs? Why sing? Why is he wearing glasses now, reciting poetry wrapped in a sheet like a poet? In fact, there is no fault of Hero Alam here. He says he does all this to make people happy. But some people criticize him very badly.

The creator also said that he (Hero Alam) managed to go viral. Various quality international channels around the world have reported on him. Educated society is on its side.

Comment by Malek Afsari, I am Hero Alam. I don’t want to be Hero Alam, but follow his efforts. I applaud you. There is nothing to put anyone down. I pray for him from the bottom of my heart.

He told Hero Alam, Hero Alam is fine. It doesn’t matter who said what. Go as you are.

Meanwhile, regarding its popularity, Hero Alam said that there is no Hero Alam on any site. You can see how many fans I have on social media. I have a lot of fans, it’s not for me to say. You will check it yourself.

He added: “I was able to get this far because of the love from the public.” The way you supported me, you will also support me in the future. I want to do a good job with your prayers and your love.

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