No more hesitation


No more hesitation

Dear listeners, you are listening to the Bengali language program of China International Radio. Now listen to the song ‘Song for you’. And I am Mukta with you in this event.

Friends, at today’s event, I will introduce Hong Kong band ‘Beyond’ to you and perform some of the band’s songs. This group was established in 1983. Huang Chia Chu, associated with this group, was one of the most talented people in the history of Chinese pop and rock music. He composed many popular songs of this group. Beyond found success in Hong Kong in the late 1980s. But unhappy with the Hong Kong music scene at the time, the band went to Japan to find free space to create music. Now let’s play the band’s song titled ‘Gourmoy Saam’. Let’s listen to the song together.

(Song 1)

Friends were listening to “Glory Time” by Beyond. In 1983, Huang Chia Chu and Ye Shi Rong met through ownership of a musical instrument store. Both were interested in music. The two decided to form a band. Later, guitarist Teng Wei Qian also joined the band. Beyond has since become popular. After forming the group, Beyond won first place in a music competition held by Hong Kong magazine titled “Guitar”. Now I will listen to the band’s song titled “Ar Dwidha Nei”. The song was released in 1991. Huang Chia Chu composed the music for the song. I hope friends will like the song.

(Song 2)

Friends, listening to the song called ‘Ar Dwidha Nei’ by Beyond. Beyond has a total of four members. Lead vocalist Huang Chia Chuo is also the guitarist. Lead guitarist Teng Wei Qian, bassist Li Rong Chao and drummer Ye Shi Rong. But at the end of 1983, Teng Wei Chian and Li Rong Chao left the group. Wang Au Wen then joined the band as lead guitarist. In the same year, Huang Chia Chu’s younger brother, Huang Chia Qiang, joined the band and became the main bassist. Now let’s listen to the group’s song titled “Bhoomi”. The song is composed by Huang Chia Choo.

(Song 3)

Friends were listening to the song called “Bhoomi” by Band Beyond. At the beginning of 1984, Wang Au Wen left the group. Then Chen Xi joined Beyond. He was the band’s lead guitarist. In the same year, the group’s album titled “Hong Kong” was released. The album includes two songs in English. Beyond gave their first concert in 1985. Chen Shi An left the group the same year. But Huang Kuan Chong joined the group. Since then, he has been Beyond’s lead guitarist. Now let’s listen to the band’s song titled ‘Satyyi Tobe Laam’. The song was released in 1989. Huang Chia Chu composed the music for the song.

(Song 4)

My friends, you were listening to the song called ‘Satiyei Tobe Laam’ by Band Beyond. The band released their debut album in 1986. From songwriting to producing albums, the band owns it all. The album became very popular after its release. In 1988, the group signed a contract with a record company. In March of the same year, the group released an album in Cantonese. Now let’s play the group’s song called “I love you”. The song was released in 1988. Huang Chia Chu composed the music for the song. But the song is an old song. However, the song is still very popular. I hope friends will like the song.

(Song 5)

Friends were listening to Band Beyond’s song ‘I Like You’. Beyond is a history of the music scene in Hong Kong, China. This group is very popular not only in China, but also in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. But on June 24, 1993, while the group was performing at the Tokyo Fuji TV Center in Japan, vocalist Huang Chia Chu fell off the stage and was seriously injured. He remained unconscious for a few days. Huang Chia Chu passed away at 3:15 p.m. on June 30. He was then only 31 years old. Now I’m going to play you the song called “Grey Track” with his voice. The song was released in 1990. I hope friends will like the song.

(Song 6)

Dear listeners, thank you all for staying with us for so long. If you want to hear a favorite song at our event, let us know. Our email address is [email protected] And my own email address is [email protected] “Song requests” are best sent to my own email address. Till today. I hope to speak to you again the same day, at the same time next week. Until then, everyone stays well, stays happy. Chaï Chian (Ash/Aleem)


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