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Nobody cares about us: Ferdous


Nobody cares about us: Ferdous

Popular film actor Ferdous Ahmed. Even in 25 years of film career, it is colorful. Although not as abundant as before, it now works selectively. Her acting set “Beauty Circus” was released on September 23. He started working on the movie ‘Ahare Jeeban’ this month. The evergreen romance hero recently went to Raihan Rafi’s Damal promotions. There, the actor answered various questions about the film industry and his work.

Shariful Raj, Siyam Ahmed and many other young actors are doing well. What should they do to preserve this continuity?
Nothing replaces good work. Good movies should be made. Because people want to see something new from us. As such, a great responsibility now rests with them. So that they/those who come after them can do a good job. We learned from great actors like Razzak-Alamgir, Salman Shah. Their duty is to set an example so that those who come after them can learn something.

Recently, several controversies have arisen regarding film artists. Does it have a negative impact on the industry?
no no It has no effect. There will be a controversy over the artists of the cinema. People are very interested in knowing the people in the film. But our movie stars should try not to reveal personal things. Because people look up to us as role models. People see us as role models.

Want to know your latest work / want to know about your work updates.
I have several films to come. These include ‘Dampara’, ‘1971 These Days’, ‘Maniker Lal Kankra’. A few days ago, I started shooting for the movie ‘Sujan Majhi’, ‘Ahare Jiban’. Acting in a children’s film called “Waiting for Russell”. Since Corona, I wanted to appear on screen with a different look. I hope the public will understand this.

Ferdous Ahmed

Senior artists also work hard in various industries including Bollywood. But why is this trend so weak in our country?
If you are talking about my generation; Shabnoor, Moushumi, Purnima, Poppy, Riaz, Amin Khan, Amit Hasan and others, to tell the truth nobody cares about us. No one sees us as that kind of character. Films always come to me, I study at university. For my part, I do not feel comfortable in this role. I have to work with my age and my image. I have to think and create something. And in foreign countries stories are made about the age and image of an actor. We are far behind in this regard. As a result, many of our artists are lost in time.

What do you think is the weak point of this place?
This weakness is actually those who write the story and those who make the film. Because the directors have to introduce us again. Must submit again. Shabnoor and I were tired of playing similar characters. So we have to change.

Ferdous Ahmed

The OTT platform is now very popular. It is appreciated in the country as well as abroad. So, what are your plans with OTT??
OTT is a new path for us. My thoughts on this are very positive. I’m also very interested in working on it. If I get a story that fits me, I will definitely work.

Why do you want to produce or direct films?
I did ‘A Cup of Tea’, ‘Suddenly One Day’ from my production company. At present, the work of two films named “Hajar Sahar Shrestha Bengali” and “Jadi Arektu Seh Paytam” has been completed. There are plans to produce more films in the future. But there is no will to manage. Because management is a very difficult task.

Ferdous Ahmed

What to tell the fans?
Today I am Ferdous for you. It’s because of you that I can stand here and talk. You will go to the cinema for us. You will watch more Bengali movies. If Bengali cinema survives, we will survive.

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