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Nobody Loves Me: Rashmika

Nobody Loves Me: Rashmika

Entertainment desk: Actress Rashmika Mandana gained immense popularity after the release of the southern film “Pushpa: The Rise”. After that, her first Bollywood movie was released. Rashmika played Amitabh Bachchan and Neena Gupta’s daughter in this movie. The name of the film was “Goodbye”. This time another Bollywood movie is coming out. This new movie named ‘Mission Majnu’ will be released on OTT platform. Rashmika and Siddharth run around to promote the film.


When promoting the film, he said that no one likes him, that saddens him. Why people don’t like her, the southern heroine can’t understand. Rashmika opened her mouth about it. He said why some people didn’t like him. Rashmika made her acting debut in a Kannada film directed by Rishabh Shetty. But he couldn’t get up after watching Rishabh’s popular hit movie “Kantara”. Rashmika must have been trolled for that. Condemnation rushed towards him. Many people think that Rashmika forgot her roots because of the dream town air.

He said, I don’t expect everyone to like me. If people hate me, they’ll love me back. In fact, our comments go viral because we are public figures. It should be noted that Rashmika of “Pushpa” fame had been in trouble with her lyrics even before that.

Why do executions take place in the dark of night?

Talking about her debut in an interview, Uhya mentioned the name of the production company. Although Rashmikar entered the acting world through the hands of this company, the producers claim so.
Source: Anandabazar newspaper and TV Nine.

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