Nolock sang 10 songs in 7 days


Nolock sang 10 songs in 7 days

Close-up star Nolak Babu, the favorite singer of the new generation, releases 10 new songs for his fans. He recorded these 10 songs in the last week.

Some of artist Nolock’s notable songs include ‘Tor Bukhi Bhoor’ written by Tarun Shing, composed by Regan. Regan composed the music for the song ‘Kot Samhom Tore’ written by Chitra Roy. ‘Why stay away’ written and composed by Imran Bhandari. Tarun Singh wrote and composed the lyrics for two songs in ‘Tomae Eta Katha Balbo Chupi Chupi’ and ‘Bar Beiman’.

Nolock sang 10 songs in 7 days

On the other hand, Nolock sang a song titled “Nijer Ade Bhayam Abithi Bahi Tore” in his own tune and music. Raju Ahmed gave voice to this song in Tarun Singh’s lyrics.

Regarding new songs, Nolock Babu said, “I always try to introduce new songs to my dear listeners. In this sequel, I made 10 new songs in the last week. The songs will soon be released for the public on various platforms. I hope the audience will like the songs.

Currently, Nolock Babu is busy with concerts and live programs from various TV channels. Recently, he participated in live programs of Nagrik TV, Global TV, RTV and Asian TV.


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