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Norah will not be able to participate in any work except filming documentaries when she comes to Dhaka

Norah will not be able to participate in any work except filming documentaries when she comes to Dhaka

´╗┐After various complications, Norah Fatehi, the famous Bollywood “object girl”, finally got permission to come to Dhaka. But coming to Dhaka, he can only participate in the filming of a documentary, he cannot participate in any other work.

The Ministry of Information issued a circular signed by Deputy Secretary Saiful Islam allowing him to come on November 18. In the notification, it was informed that Nora, who has been granted Canadian citizenship, will be allowed to come to Dhaka under five conditions.

The first condition states that Indian actress Nora Fatehi must arrive/stay in Bangladesh for 1 day on November 18 excluding travel time and participate in the filming of the documentary. He may not participate in any other work or event during the period indicated. According to the second condition, the concerned producer must obtain the visa for the actress from the High Commission/Sub High Commission of Bangladesh duly located in India.

Third condition, proof of advance tax payable by the Government of Bangladesh at the rate of 30% on the contract price, air fare, hotel fare (including accommodation) and tour fare performed with the foreign actress must be submitted to Bangladesh Film Censor Board at the time of censorship of the documentary. The documentary will not be considered for censorship if proof cannot be presented.

The fourth condition is that no money will be paid by the government of Bangladesh for this arrangement and the last condition is that if any of the above conditions are breached, the decision taken by the government regarding the production of the related documentary will be final.

Earlier, WLC President Ishrat Jahan Maria appealed to bring Nora to the country. It is said that Nora was invited to participate in a documentary called ‘Women Empowerment in Bangladesh’ by the organization.

Meanwhile, according to the organizing organization Women Leadership Corporation, Nora Fatehi will come to Bangladesh on November 18 to attend the Women Entrepreneur Award ceremony. He will perform at the event held at a conference center in Dhaka. Prizes will be awarded occasionally.

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