Not a hero but an actor


Not a hero but an actor

Hollywood and Bollywood have already started to get a huge response by making films with outside actors about the hero-hero. The impact of changes in world cinema and web content has also been felt in our country. Now not heroes, actors have more priority in series and movies, thanks to which the thinking of actors has also changed. Now they give themselves time to mentally prepare as a character actor without struggling to present themselves as a hero. Which has had a big impact on OTT lately.

Character actors are revolutionizing web series or web movies outside the mainstream; What many consider positive for the cinema of the country. Recently, Intekhab Dinar and FS Naeem made headlines thanks to the “Karagar” series. On the other hand, Shyamal Mawla made a place for himself in the public mind a long time ago by starring in several series including ‘Smfulinga’ and ‘Mahanagar’. On the other hand, by acting in the film ‘Hawa’ and the series ‘Taqdeer’

Sohail Mondal shared the love from the audience. Apart from them, many actors of this generation prioritize character in acting. In this context, Shyamal Mawla said, “Even if we want to go in the opposite direction of the world, we cannot go in the opposite direction. If we leave, our future is bleak. As a result, today’s story, the characters take priority, the audience also accepts it. As such, becoming an actor is my main goal. Intekhab Dinar said, “Nowadays, audiences want to see the story and play more than just the six-pack body, the attractive appearance, so that the character actors can make their mark while playing.” Take me, for the past few years, I’ve worked day in and day out in the same role to make a living.

I expected a good job. This opportunity has arisen for the benefit of OTT. But now it’s my performance that audiences watch on OTT while spending money. FS Naeem said, “For the benefit of OTT, the work commitment of performers is increasing, whereby the trend of good work is now seen among all.” On the other hand, said Sohail Mondal, you can only stay in the hearts of the public through good work, of which I am the proof. Initially, I did one or two jobs, but now my number of jobs is increasing. Producers trust me.

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