Not just circus, you need a film about films: Ferdous


Not just circus, you need a film about films: Ferdous

As the hero Ferdous played a soft role in the film, he is also a very smooth talker in real life. But this time, he addressed both sides somewhat bitterly, calling the journalist sitting next to him Jaya Ahsan!

Ferdous-Jaya’s star “Beauty Circus” is out September 23. In a bid to campaign, on the evening of September 17, journalists were summoned to an auditorium in the capital and Ferdous-Zaya alongside filmmaker Mahmud Didar, actor ABM Sumon, singer Sumi and many others. others. Ferdous thinks there should be a movie not only about the defunct circus but also about Bangladeshi movies!

According to this hero, ‘I have been working in this film for two years. I still do it because I like it. As a result, when people say, Bengali cinema is either destroyed or gone. Then the chest trembled. Can’t accept That’s why I think now, just like there are movies about the circus, there must be movies about our movies. The circus, the journey is lost. But they were an integral part of our original culture. Thousands of people took part. All is lost. As a result, before the movie is lost, it’s time to make a movie based on its various issues.

Ferdous appears for the first time in a negative role in “Beauty Circus”. He said, “I haven’t played such a role and I won’t in my life.” seriously I always came to the screen with a positive image. Didar convinced me to do the job. Even after going to the shooting location, my heart was telling me from inside – the job didn’t have to be done. Again the story of the movie and my character says – the job has to be done. In the end I did it with pleasure. Now it seems to be the victory of my art.

Ferdous thinks audiences always want to watch good movies. If he gets a good movie, he skips. As examples, he cited ‘Paran’, ‘Hawa’, ‘Viratva’ and the long-awaited ‘Operation Sundarbans’. He thinks people will watch “Beauty Circus” for the same reason.

Ferdous came to this event and gave another great piece of information; There is no precedent that has happened to another hero from Bangladesh. He is the only hero through which the most successful producer got his start. For example, he said, “I did the early work of many young directors. Almost every movie is a hit. Like “Sudden Rain” by Vasudev Chatterjee, “Bachelor” by Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui, “Khairun Sundari” by AK Sohel, “Aha” by Enamul Karim Nirjhar, “Rani Kuthir Baki Itihasa” by Samia Zaman, “Jalrang” by Shahnewaz Kakali – I did a lot of hits. was This is also Mahmud Didar’s first film. I believe it will also be a success. Jaya-Ferdous in front of the media / Photo: Sajjad Hossain

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