Not only the model, this time the director is also Riba – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Not only the model, this time the director is also Riba – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Model Sabrina Zaman Riba. Photo: taken from Facebook

Model Sabrina Zaman Riba’s stunning performance in the fashion film “Mood Swing”, released a few days ago, was well received. This popular model has appeared with a new music video. Produced by Studio Maestros, he starred in the video for singer Tarunya Heera’s new song “Ae Garde Tumiheen”. Not only that, Riba also directed the music video jointly with Prasenjit Das from Kolkata.

He commented, “I was very excited for the new job, but also a little nervous. But Prosenjit encouraged me a lot. His valuable advice made my job easier.

Riba also said, “The responsibility for the filming location, costumes and other arrangements lies with me. Thus, an additional thought worked in itself. On top of that, I had to focus on the game, so I was in for a challenge all the time. But looking at the end result, it looks like we succeeded in such a difficult task.

In the bustling city, the song is built around the story of finding loved ones who get lost every day. Its lyrics were written and composed by Sharif Prabha and Tarunya Hira; Khairul Islam Dipu arranged and mixed the music. And this clip, shot in the suburbs of Kolkata, was recently released on Studio Maestros’ YouTube channel. Farrukh Ahmed Rehan played with Riba.

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