Not Rukmini, but Dev’s pick for romance is another heroine

Not Rukmini, but Dev’s pick for romance is another heroine

Entertainment desk: Banga Tanaya Mouni Roy is one of the hottest actresses in the entertainment industry, there is no doubt. The hearts of many men were melted by the glow of his magical gaze. This time, actress Rukmini Maitra was completely “burnt to ashes” after seeing her lover Dev’s romance with this actress.

For the sake of profession, the hero-heroine must romance on the screen. But offscreen when the lover is sitting in front of you, then flirting with another heroine is no small feat. Recently, Tolly Superstar Dev did this brave thing.

Tollywood heartthrob Dev is currently in ‘Dance Dance Junior’. Banga Tanaya Mouni went there as a guest. This is the first time that Junun from ‘Brahmastra’ has taken the stage of a Bengali reality TV show. And naturally, when Dev and Mouni are on the same stage, what happens when there is no thunderstorm on stage?

As expected, the two stars rocked their waists together. And seeing their “hot” romance is like a fire burning on stage. Everyone present couldn’t take their eyes off the chemistry of the two. But after seeing all of this, Dev’s lover, Rukmini, was on fire! At least that’s what the viral video says.

In front of the eyes, the lover has a romance with another person, can you sit and watch it? Naturally, seeing Dev-Mouni’s warm romance, Lal is her lover. The eyes and face of the actress can be understood. In the video, we see that Dev’s romance with Mouni has become “heavy” for his “relatives”.

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And as soon as the video of the beautiful Rukmini’s reaction was released, the audience laughed and laughed. Some even say that he could not bear this role! Internet users also had fun with the reaction of the heroine.

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