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Not Shakib, Siam is the hero of Aryan’s first film


Not Shakib, Siam is the hero of Aryan’s first film

Ahmed Zaman Shimul

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan has announced several movies under his production company. In an interview with the media, he talked about a total of seven films. Which will be led by six administrators. Among them is Mizanur Rahman Arian. However, it is known that Siam Ahmed is the hero of his first film, Shakib is the hero of the second film.

Aryan said he would do a movie with Shakib Khan, but I’ll do another movie before I do the movie with him. Of which I will officially inform you very soon. I don’t want to say anything more now.

“After he came back from America, Shakib bhai called me to shoot for his production company SK Films. Talked about several stories with him. Nothing is final.

Does Shakib Khan stay in the first movie? What are the production companies? ‘No, the first film is not about Shakib bhai. Someone else stays there,” Arian said.

Although the director did not say so, SaraBangla has confirmed from multiple sources that the film is produced by Sun Music and Motion Pictures Limited. Siam Ahmed is the hero. Although the official contract with him has not yet been signed, it is final. No one has been finalized as a heroine yet.

In this regard, Aryan only said, “Everything will be officially announced. Then you will know the details.

Most of the works of this popular TV series director are in romantic stories. “The story of the film can’t be called a complete love story. It can’t be called a thriller. But it can be called emotional content,” Aryan said.

He said, our story is quite big. Due to which the producers do not want to make any official announcement before finalizing all the arrangements. There is also the question of a certain season.

Aryan said that if he had a good professional producer, he wanted to produce 1-2 movies every year.


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