Now it’s Joy’s turn


Now it’s Joy’s turn

Audiences started returning to theaters with the films ‘Paran’ and ‘Din The Day’ released last Eid. Later, the movie ‘Hawa’ continued this continuity. The Cineplexes were packed to watch this movie. Now it’s Jaya Ahsan’s turn. Her movie ‘Beauty Circus’ is out in almost a year and a half tomorrow September 23rd. She played the role of a circus girl in the government-funded film. The film directed by Mahmud Didar is the first circus film in Bangladesh. It will be released in 11 theaters nationwide.

The Siam-Roshan standout “Operation Sundarban” is also released on the same day. However, audiences are eagerly awaiting Jaya’s film on social media. Now, time will tell if Jaya will be able to hold audiences in theaters like the previous films? It is very popular in Bangladesh and Kolkata. He has been seen in various roles in Bangladeshi cinema over the past decade. After starting with ‘Awart’ in 2013, he has worked with almost all the top producers in West Bengal one by one. She is currently one of the top actresses in West Bengal. In a nutshell, it captured the hearts of moviegoers in both countries.

The actress was last seen in the government-funded film “Altachakra” last year. In the film based on the novel of the same name by Ahmed Chafa, she played the role of ‘Tayeba’, a young woman with cancer. Apart from that, her standout ‘Jhara Palak’ was released in Kolkata last June. She played the role of poetess Lavanyaprabha Das in the film based on the life of poet Jibanananda Das. During this time, the actress said that she had extraordinary experiences while filming the movie “Beauty Circus”. According to him, many circus games are to be played here. They were very risky. But without thinking about those things, I never realized how I got the job done in the passion of the character.

Playing the role of circus girl ‘Beauty’ is one of the most exciting acts of my acting career. The actress also talked about the beauty character from the movie ‘Beauty Circus’. He said, “My character will take the audience to a place the audience has never gone before.” Again, this gave the opportunity to show some characters, whose experience is completely new. What are the things you keep in mind to sign a contract at Jaya cinema? In response, he said, first of all, the character should touch me. I don’t see anything else when I touch my character in the movie story. Also, I always try to keep up with new creators. This can be compared by looking at my career graph. A few days ago, Jaya announced her new movie on her social media.

He acted in a film called ‘Jaya Aar Sharmeen’ by producer Piplu R Khan. Jaya; In it, she played a role named Jaya. Currently, post-production work on the film is underway. It will be released in theaters by the end of this year or the beginning of 2023. In addition, this year the famous ‘Guerrilla’ actress starred in Iranian director Murtaza Atash Zamzam’s film ‘Angel’. The film will be released in Bangladesh and Iran. He has a number of films awaiting release in Kolkata including ‘Bhutpari’, ‘Ardhangini’, ‘Pullnacher Itikatha’. Apart from the hustle and bustle of movies, this glamorous babe was the main guest at a film festival in Kolkata. On Tuesday, September 20, the opening of the World Film Festival was held for the first time at Nandan in Kolkata, India. Where these two Bengali actresses were the main guests.

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