Now Mir Sabbir’s wife – Dainik Amader Shomoy opened her mouth


Now Mir Sabbir’s wife – Dainik Amader Shomoy opened her mouth

Mir Sabbir and his wife Farzana Chumki. Photo: taken from Facebook

The issue of popular small-screen actor Mir Sabbir and presenter Israt Payal is being discussed in showbiz. Many media have already spoken about Payal’s explosive allegations against Mir Sabbir. Some even think that the presenter Israt Payal created such a controversy to go viral.

Now Mir Sabbir’s wife, Farzana Chumki, has opened her mouth on this issue. He commented: ‘I have a question for anyone who has seen the program – is there any fault in him (Mir Sabbir)? What do you think, say the word on purpose? The whole thing is just a joke. And then everyone present, including the girl (presenter), laughed and rejoiced. Why these things now?

Regarding her husband, Farzana Chumki said: “Everyone knows what kind of boy he (Mir Sabbir) is. Why talk about other people’s dresses? Am I walking through the veil? Sabbir’s wife no longer wears a veil. I think what the girl did was very intentional. I did not know her (Israt Payal). Many others in our showbiz didn’t know him. Now get familiar. He does this to go viral.

It should be noted that Israt Payal was the host of the grand finale of “Mrs. Universe 2022” on November 11. And the judge of this competition was Mir Sabbir. Mir Sabbir took the stage to deliver a speech during the final episode set-up. Just before getting down from there, presenter Payal asked him to speak a dialogue in the regional language.

At the presenter’s request, this actor took the microphone and said, “I can’t remember the lines of my play now. Taking some time, he addressed Payal in the vernacular, “Ei Matari Tu Ei Rahm Udala Gaye Achho Kier Laigya”.

Later, Payal got angry over this incident. He also asked Mir Sabbir to apologize when the video went viral on social media. Later, this popular actor clarified his statement about it.

Meanwhile, Mir Sabbir’s wife Farzana Chumki is a popular face in showbiz. In 1999, she was the first runner-up in the Lux-Ananddhara Photo Beauty competition. He started his journey in showbiz by presenting on BTV. After that, Chota regularly works in TV series, TV movies and commercials.

His knowledge of Mir Sabbir is due to his work in the media. They got married in 2003. They have two children in their family.

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