Now mom can watch Rupana play at home


Now mom can watch Rupana play at home

The family members couldn’t watch Rupana Chakma’s game at home as there was no TV until then. Naniarchar upazila administration of Rangamati arranges to watch their game. On Thursday afternoon, the Executive Officer of Upazila (UN) visited the remote Bhuiadam village of Rupna in Naniarchar. Fazlur Rahman. He gave a 32-inch television and an Akash DTH satellite dish to the family of goalkeeper Safsera.

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After the announcement of a new house being built, Rupana’s whole family is emotional after getting the TV and DIS connection. Born into a poor family, Rupana Chakma, the goalkeeper of the Bangladesh Women’s National Football Team, lost her father before she was born. He grew up in poverty.

Rupana’s older brother, Shanti Jeevan Chakma said, “He was not stopped by the family as he had been interested in sports since childhood. But since there was no television at home, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch Rupana play. Mother sometimes went far to watch matches at other people’s homes. Everyone regretted not being able to watch Rupana play at home.’

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Rupana’s mother, Kalasona Chakma, said, “I am very happy. Not being able to watch my daughter play at home, I used to go to the next house. Now I can stay home and watch Rupana’s game on TV. The government gives us a house because of Rupana’s good acting. The TV went out today.

Managing Director of Naniarchar upazila said, “Rupana is our pride. Everything necessary will be done for them. The mother could not watch her daughter play. We arranged that. We are and always will be with this family.

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